A Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW) is a one-day version of the HOBY Leadership Seminar program. Most schools are already familiar with HOBY’s Leadership Seminars, where one 10th grader from every high school in your state is invited to attend a local three- or four-day seminar.

A CLeW seminar provides more than one 9th grade student per high school the opportunity to develop leadership skills, participate in community service and discuss issues with local community leaders. This is accomplished through a combination of techniques:

– Panel presentations
– Question-and-answer sessions
– Interaction with peers
– Leadership simulation activities

Through this process, young leaders are taught competencies of leadership so that they are better prepared to assume leadership positions in their schools, communities and homes. A community organization can work with a selected school to host a CLeW. HOBY alumni can also host CLeWs at their high school. (Approximate time requirement = approximately 20 hours of planning and one day for workshop.)

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