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HOBY South Dakota is only made possible through contributions from friends, colleagues, and the community.  We expend no money for the monthly rent or lease of an office, and have no paid staff or administrative personnel, since our entire staff is comprised of volunteers. One hundred percent of our funds are used for the charitable purposes of our programs.

Becoming a sponsor helps lead our ambassadors to the betterment of their own local communities as they give back to the community after going through a HOBY program. HOBY depends heavily on the generosity of our supporters. 


Our group of volunteers and alumni are dedicated to helping others achieve their personal and professional goals through leadership and service.
Our hope is to continue to lead and inspire in our schools, communities and workplaces. We can’t thank you enough!


Thank You Area Kiwanis Clubs

Aberdeen Area Kiawanis
Foothills Kiwanis Club
Kiwanis Club of Brookings
Kiwanis Club of South Sioux Falls
Redfield Kiwanis Club
South Sioux Kiwanis
Yankton Kiwanis Club

Thank You Area Lions Clubs

Alcester Lions Club
Corsica Lions Club
Brookings Lion Club
Eyeopener Lions Club of Huron
Freeman Lions Club
Lions Club of Madison
McLaughlin Lions Club
Miller Lions Club
Tulare Lions Club
Wheat Land Lions Club
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Walmart Logo
Benevity Logo
Amazon Smile Logo
Meyer & Dana Logo
Jaycees Logo
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Brandy Miner
Kansas City, MO 

Jacquie Lonning
Minneapolis, MN 

Roy Kammer
Linwood, MN



Charles and Nyla McIntyre 
Brandon, SD  

Sherry Eining 

Missy & Randy Bartelet 

Tara and Clint Fjelstad 

Brian Gadeken
Sioux Falls, SD

Jessi Scholten
Hartford, SD

Wade McIntyre
Sioux Falls, SD 

In addition, a special thank you to the Corporate Board, Facilitators, Assistant Facilitators, Ambassador Staff, and numerous seminar volunteers have made a personal financial contribution to the organization, not to mention donating an uncountable number of volunteer hours.