You’ve officially attended a HOBY South Dakota Leadership Seminar either as an Ambassador, or volunteer! It was an exciting and memorable adventure, one you never want to forget. At the moment you’re either motivated to tackle the world, or already in action accomplishing your leadership goals and making an incredible impact on the world. Either way, you are a HOBY South Dakota alum and now part of an amazing community of leaders across the world!

What happens now though? Well, so many things!

First! Join us on FacebookTwitter, TikTok and Instagram. Stay connected with your HOBY friends and share your leadership successes. As well, connect with fellow volunteers across the state and “make the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi. 

Second! Secure your HOBY national username/password and begin recording your service hours. Every alumni is challenged to complete 100 hours of community service a year through HOBY’s Leadership-4-Service (L4S) program. 

Third! Apply to volunteer for HOBY South Dakota Seminar either as a member of Team Alumni, Team Media, Junior Facilitators, Senior Facilitators or the Seminar Planning Committee. Donating your time and energy to the organization is not only rewarding, but further increases the impact HOBY South Dakota can make across the state. Applications can be found at hoby.org, or contact seminar@hobysd.org for more information.

Fourth! Share your HOBY experience either by recruiting future Ambassadors and volunteers, or by hosting a Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW) at your local high school. Contact recruitment@hobysd.org for more information.

Lastly! Share your HOBY story, and maintain your OUTSTANDING lookout on life! Never forget just how amazing you are, and the friends at HOBY South Dakota who support you in your goals and ambitions in life!

Top 5 signs of being HOBY alumni:

  1. You always spell OUTSTANDING correctly
  2. You wear a HOBY t-shirt 4 days straight without doing laundry
  3. No matter where you go, you’ll find other HOBY alumni
  4. Service is a way of life for you
  5. You are a leader!

Does that describe you? Whether you attended a HOBY leadership program last spring or fifty years ago, you are part of the family of fellow HOBY alumni who number over 355,000!

HOBY is proud of all of its alumni and encourage you to stay connected to HOBY and to each other. As you explore this website, we hope to recharge that HOBY spirit within you!

HOBY South Dakota is always looking for volunteers so if you would like to please contact us and let us know how you would like to help.

two volunteers smiling